Eclipse Daniel Grant teaser by Andy Kolb

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Eclipse Daniel Grant teaser by Andy Kolb

Eclipse Daniel Grant teaser by Andy Kolb

17th December marks the Premiere of Daniel Grant’s 2016 Season, edited by Andy Kolb.

ECLIPSE was due for “free-view” release on his birthday (23rd December) but after a severe injury to a fellow Thai Wakeboarder, he decided to offer the edit as a way of raising funds for Mac Rosen. The following companies and individuals have already committed to host the edit, from 17th December.

1) Cables Park Penrith 2) Cable Ski Logan 3) Go Wake Mackay, 4) Perth Wake park.
S.P Gadgets / Vienna.
1) Bricks, Duisburg, 2) Sesitec, Burgberg, 3) Unit Parktech, Koln, Wasserski Langenfeld.
Bali Wakepark.
Above Board Water Sports, Dublin.
Homies Trading Inc
KingWinch Wakepark.
Wake SG
1) Anthem Wakepark, Phuket 2) TWP (Korat), 3) TWP, (Lam Lukka) 4) Zanook Wakepark
United Kingdom
Daniel’s Grandma
Wake Island, Sacramento, CA.

More details can be found at The Premiere

Package will include the following : –

-The Debut* by Andy Kolb (Daniel Grant Section) – 6.35 minutes
-Seven Eleven by Andy Kolb – 3.45 minutes.
-The Mac Rosen Story – 3.13 minutes.
-ECLIPSE, edited by Andy Kolb – Estimated to be 12 minutes.
-ECLIPSE RAW – 35 minutes of unused footage.

Liquid Force, Rip Curl, Spy Optics, and S.P Gadgets have donated product to a number of these Premiers to help raise funds for the recovery of Mac Rosen.
We also have extended the idea that this Premiere can be used to support fund raising for Slinghshot Rider Ben Leclaire, a number of hosts are using the premiere to support Ben too.
For those who want to see ECLIPSE before it’s free view launch, we are offering this over Vimeo from Monday 19th December ( with a USD10.00 donation. The subscription fee, will include not only the ECLIPSE Edit, but 35 minutes of RAW CLIPS, and a re-cap of the Premiere at Thai Wakepark – Korat.
Anyone who want’s to host or simply donate, please send an e-mail to for more information.
More details about ECLIPSE and Mac Rosen, can be found at

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