Ice Cream 1.5 Premiere Trailer | Pilchard Productions


Ice Cream 1.5 Premiere Trailer | Pilchard Productions

Pilchard Productions followed six English wakeboarders, whom you all know, for a year around the world.

The Peacock brothers Liam and Ryan, Matty Muncey, Joe Battleday, Mikey Bland and Nick Davies like you’ve never seen them before!

Discover the trailer and see you Saturday at the second stop of Plastic Playground 2018 at Liquid Leirsure for the premiere of ICE CREAM !

Ice Cream Premiere Trailer from PilchardProductions on Vimeo.

Check out “The Silence” Pilchard TV’s new semi-regular series on #unleashedwakemag

Ice Cream 1.5 Premiere Trailer
Pilchard Productions

“Thanks to Liquid Leisure, Sungod and Bro! Clothing for the support.

Catch the premiere of Ice Cream 1.5 this Saturday at Plastic Playground Stop 2 – Liquid Leisure, in Datchet, England at 6pm, straight after the Superfinal!

If you can’t make it tune into the afternoon Plastic Playground Superfinal Livestream on the Plastic Playground facebook page (@Plastic Playground) as the film will be playing right after the riding ends! (more info at

Available online in August on your favourite online store (iTunes, Vimeo, Google, Amazon etc).”


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