Lean | Moritz Regler (Wakepark Thulba)

Moritz Regler

Lean | Moritz Regler (Wakepark Thulba)

Moritz Regler, Slingshot’s german rider, rides the Park of Wakepark Thulba in an edit by Sebastian Simm. 

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Lean | Moritz Regler from Sebastian Simm on Vimeo.

More about Wakepark Thulba : 

Open since 1974, he was created by Rixen and directed by Sesitec since 1995.

 A cable Goofy 4 pylons, with seven features (4 kickers, 1 Step Down Box, 1 Box, 1 rooftop) and an island in the center of the lake.

The wakepark is located at Oberthulba, in the region of Bavaria, Germany. There are a restaurant and accommodation.

More infos : 

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