Guide of the best Cable-Parks in the world

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2015 Guide of the best Cable-Parks in the world printed edition!

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Guide of the best Cable-Parks in the world

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More about Guide of the best Cable-Parks in the world :

The wakeboarding planet is growing each year. There are now over 550 cableways spread out across the world, with more than 40 ve-pylon and more and 80 two-pylon structures being built in the 2014-2015 season alone. This explosion of new playgrounds has motivated us here at Unleashed Wake Magazine to come up with “THE GUIDE” of all the cable parks in the world.

And we are happy to see this awesome explosion in france with more than 88 spots now … “THE GUIDE” is dedicated to the man who invented cableways some 50 years ago, a vi- sionary by the name of Bruno Rixen who will be celebrating his 84th birthday this year on July 3th .

“THE GUIDE” will be like a bible for all riders keen to discover new spots on the planet, and it will allow them to ride their favorite spots all year round just by changing hemispheres. But rst of all, here’s a little history lesson. The rst cableway prototype was built in BORDESHOLM, Germany, in 1959. After several prototypes, the company “RIXEN CA- BLEWAYS” built the rst 5 pylon structure, which was put into commercial operation in COLTON, USA, in 1965. Cableways were initially used only by water skiers, and the “wake- board era” would come much later thanks to Tony Fins’ invention “The Skurfer”. Skur ng, which was wakeboarding’s ancestor, was one of the most highly progressive sports at the time and would remain that way for the next decade or so.

It’s by building cableways in highly populated areas that water sport complex owners have been able to reach out to a larger amount of riders, and these riders can continue to practice their hobbies at a much lesser cost.
From OWC (Orlando Watersport Complex, USA), the rst cableway to be transformed into a real “wake park” with oating obstacles built in 1985, to CWC (Camsur Watersport Com- plex, Philippines), the rst wake park to be built with a permanent pool gap in 2007, and nally to MIAMI WATERSPORT CENTER , Opening in March 2015, the evolution of our sport is only just beginning.

Cableways have become a virus in the world of board sports, and “THE GUIDE” is here to help people discover all of the amazing spots our planet has to offer.
Happy reading and happy travels to all of you!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Philippe Sirech

    Awesome Book for traveling all around the world and find the best cable-parks

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