WAY OUT, Behind the scenes with Nikita Martianov

Way Out

WAY OUT, Behind the scenes with Nikita Martianov

Way Out with Nikita Martianov

Way Out, for them in Russia, wakeboarding started to become too monotonous, and they decided to take a step into the future, set a goal to prove there are no borders in wakeboarding, it means riding anywhere…
They don’t need to have boat or a park, they can just look around them and find the right post everywhere, it’s enough to include fantasy on your boring ride.
They went to a lot of traveling in Russia on search of interesting places to shred , they explored and tried on their own skinny spots where no one has ever ridden before, but that means building kickers and rails to improvised a good shooting , lodging in tents, watch beautiful scenery and made hard wakeboarding ..
Follow this awesome crew on theirs skills with those Behind the scene edits…. WAY OUT FULL MOVIE COMING SOON

Behind the Scene #1

Behind the Scene #2

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