Team Unleashed Bobby Grant

 Bobby Grant

Bobby Grant is legend at Thai Wake Park. You won’t make it past the the starting dock without Bobby’s approval, but lucky for us he’s a fan of the Slingshot Super Grom! At just 9 years of age, the future is bright for Bobby and the sport of wakeboarding.

Team Unleashed Bobby Grant

The offbeat interview

How did you start wakeboarding?

I grew up at the cable and always lived near Thai Wakepark.

Do you do any other boardsports?

I wakeskate a bit and also skateboard.

What do you like the most about wakeboarding?

I just like to chill with my friends and at Thai Wakepark there are many things to do besides riding, I can skateboard and do a load of other stuff. Wake boarding is more about just the riding 🙂

I spend a lot of time at school but when not, and not riding, I usually skate or play football.

What do you dislike?

Front edges, or crashing on the Red Bull rail at Thai Wakepark.

Name a trick you would like to do one day?

I want to try rewinds, after that I don’t know.

Which do you prefer, rails or kickers?

I think rails, there is so much more to do on them.

If you could have a session with anyone, who would it be?

I love riding with Daniel, but I can do that anyway. Probably Ole Derome, James Windsor and Jeff McGee.

Tell us a bit about Your Home Spots?

Thai Wakepark is like home. I have so many friends there, love the food and theres loads of stuff to do there too. I live 10 minutes from the cable, so always go there when I can.

Do you always ride alone?

I ride doubles with Victor Salmon, Fame, and pretty much anyone who’s around at the cable. We just have fun and film stuff when we can.

Any shout out ?

My sponsors, Slingshot (Jeff McGee), LKI (Jason Daniel) and Thai Wakepark (Aum and Miki).

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