Unleashed Wake Mag

Unleashed Wake mag
Since 2003 UNLEASHED WAKE MAGAZINE  has been a part of the “WAKE SCENE” covering the sport on wakeparks, boat camps, competitions, winch sessions, etc… With a unique approach to interviews, press reports, scoops, video and photoshots, allowing us to gain the riders trust and faith . The pro-riders passion for our photo session and video available through UNLEASHED website comes to prove our reputation and following on wakeboard world.
UNLEASH WAKEBOARD MAGAZINE  is now  a trade Brand with 15 people all around the globe to have a real representation on  the main countries of 3W …

We reach more than 3,5 million Humans through our main support UNLEASHED WAKEBOARD MAGAZINE and social-medias network , with a distribution of hard copies on 25 countries and digital ones on 187 countries.