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Born in 2004 , UNLEASHED WAKE MAG is the 1st  French wakeboard magazine , created by a group of 3 co-founders  , Olivier Leberre , Raynald Tanny and Philippe Sirech



The Founders 


* Mr. Philippe SIRECH: 2013 World Veteran Champion, 2008 World Veteran Vice-Champion, President of WWA-France (World Wakeboard Association), and Unleash Communication Co-Manager, he has more than contributed to the development of this sport in France . He is one of the representatives of wakeboarding in Europe and around the world, where he also exercises the role of  national and international competitions judge  . He stops compete at the age of 51  even if he devotes the majority of his time to the edition magazine and organizing events around the sport and around the world .He also made coverage of all the worlds championships event for the magazine , and travel the globe all year long …

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* Mr. Olivier LEBERRE: Ex-Chief Manager  of Unleashed communication , director of  sales , the passionate wakeskater  makes his passion his business through the events proposed by the magazine, specializing in events management  he brings his experience on all the projects of organization.  and Unfortunately left the board in 2009…

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* Mr. Raynald TANNY: Ex-Chief editor  of Unleashed communication, surfer, snowboarder, skateboarder and wakeboarder photographer, as well as director of the magazine, and designer of the first magazines, he wears multiple hats during those years of collaboration . Boosting the same desire to develop this sport and the magazine , he is also in charge of the media coordination within WWA France. He unfortunately left the board in 2014…

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The story

During a trip in Australia with the french team for the 2003 cable wakeboard world cup , a group of 3 people  after the read of an autralian Wakeboard Magazine named “BOARDER MAG” decide to create the same thing in France, because they’re neither wake magazine in this country . After an insane RV brainstorming the name of UNLEASHED WAKE MAG  come out and the idea of held a magazine in France come trough … 

Back to France after this long  21 days trip  in Australia,  the group of  those 3 gentlemen rider  created  the “Unleash communication company” to manage the magazine and events around WAKE   and finally  the first issue of the magazine goes out  in July 2004

Year after year the growth of Unleash communication  comes , managed by passionate people  who took  the  whole  control of the Unleash company .

Totally dedicated to the recognition of the  Wake practice, their love for water sports  led to their meeting 15 years ago, with the ambition to give to  wakeboarding the development it deserves legitimately in france and around the world.

During the first 5 years the magazine come each 2 months, with 6 issue a year . In 2009 the team decide to become European and made Unleashed in 2 languages French and English and provide a distribution through the whole European Countries .

In 2014 Philippe Sirech Decide to Leave Europe to develop the worldwide edition , means the English one in  the USA , land where the dreams of fortunes comes true … It was a little success but less than  expected

.At the same time Philippe sign a contract with a French Company   named “Niveales Edition” to provide a new French edition.  After 4 issues. sold in France Niveales decide to stoop the contract , and Philippe decide to restart the Unleashed  French edition by Himself .

The French  new Issue  number one come in July 2017  followed the FISE event . It was a real success and the distribution restart through the spots , cablepark and boat spot and also the shops in France . This new fresh issue was displayed in 400 distributions points and it meet a real success ….

Unleashed wake mag N°1
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