1 minute in Cali with Nicolas Leduc

nicolas leduc velocity island

1 minute in Cali with Nicolas Leduc

1 minute with Nicolas Leduc in California !

Filmed by Trever Maur at Velocity Island Park, Sacramento

Edited by Nicolas Leduc, follow him on Facebook

1 minute in Cali with Nicolas Leduc

More about Nicolas on #unleashedwakemag

More about Velocity Island Park :

“We traveled to cable parks all over the country researching and looking for inspiration. All of our favorite park features have been combined to create Woodland’s very own wake oasis – Velocity Island Park. Our state of the art facility was created to accommodate all skill levels from beginners to professionals.

Full Size Cable Park : Velocity Island’s 5-tower Sesitec Full Size Cable spins clockwise, taking up to six riders at a time around the lake

System 2.0 Park : The System 2.0 park is the perfect place to learn how to get up on a wakeboard for the first time.”

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