2016 Plastic Playground final recap

2016 Plastic Playground

2016 Plastic Playground final recap

2016 Plastic Playground final recap

The 2015 Plastic Playground was a blast for all the riders who came from 21 countries around the world especially for this event. After many fantastics runs in the finals, by the world’s 9 bests riders, Dominik Hernler took the lead just ahead of Mr Daniel Grant. Julian Cohen grabbed the last step of the podium and he won $4000 – not bad at all.

PLASTIC PLAYGROUND HIGHLIGHTS – 2015 from Plastic Playground on Vimeo.

Here’s a recap of the action at the 2015 Plastic Playground!

John Dreiling took the unlucky 4th place but went home with $3000. The 5th place position went to Victor Salmon, an awesome Belgian rider, who’s 16 years old and spends 6 months every year in Thailand. Mr Oli Derome, an unbelievable pro boat rider, always gives us a surprise with his riding at a park like the Plastic Playground. He is usually close to the podium with his stylish riding but was unlucky this time finishing in 6th place with $1000 cash. What can I say about those last 3 British guys in this insane final? The oldest one, Nick Davies, is one of the most talented riders of the last decade and he fought really hard to grab the podium and he finished 7th.
The Peacock brothers, new comers to this type of contest, came from the qualifications runs!
Ryan and Liam are part of the the Water Sports World Wakeboard England team and they are sponsored by Ronix Wakeboards, Mystic, MUVI and RAW Energy gum. It’s hard to believe that Liam, at only 15 years old and Ryan at only 17, are already sponsored by so many well known wakeboard brands. You can’t imagine the level of these 2 riders, so many awesome runs one after another.
These 2 guys had ridden the park more than anyone in this contest. By the way the youngest one beat the older one and together they took the 8th and 9th places of this final.

Next year will be insane according to Stuart Martson, the organizer. Cash prizes will grow from 30k$ to 40k$ and the pro-wakeboard girls will take a part in this big wakeboard party, “The Plastic Playground 2016” at Liquid Leisure Wake Park London. Big thanks to all the Liquid Leisure staff who did an awesome job to make this event memorable.
I know we will see YOU there next year!

Philippe SIRECH

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