Acid Winch Crew ♆ | Nos Vimo en Phillies (FULL PART)

acid winch crew teaser nos vimo en phillies

Acid Winch Crew ♆ | Nos Vimo en Phillies (FULL PART)

Acid Winch Crew and some friends take control of Camsur Watersports Complex, for
NVP – Nos Vimo en Phillies

Riders : Guido Scarano, Iñaki de Echevarria, Clement Deprémonville, Tomi Karagozian, Yael Garcia, Simon Giovanelli, Lucas Gonzalez & friends.

Filmed by the crew and Chris Hopf


NVP- Nos Vimo en Phillies // Teaser from Acid Winch Crew ♆ on Vimeo.


NVP / Nos Vimo En Phillies WAKEBOARDING FULL MOVIE from Acid Winch Crew ♆ on Vimeo.

“NVP means “See Ya in The Phillipines”, a popular expression from Argentina. This movie is a Wakeboarding Video filmed in the Phillipines mainly at Camsur Watersports Complex. A Crew of Argentinian riders spent some time at CWC getting some sick shots and tricks to show that there is some people Wakeboarding good down in South America. This video is supported by DOUBLE UP WAKEBOARDS, 247WAKE, REEF, WAKE WAX y CWC.
The Argentinian riders Guido Scarano, Iñaki de Echevarria, Tomas Karagozian, Simon Giovanelli, Yael Garcia and Lucas Gonzalez joined forces with some badass friends from all over the world as Carlo de la Torre, Clement Depremonville, Raph Trinidad, Sean Marquez, Jaques Labuschagne, Jeanu du Plooy, Chris Hopf, James Boogia and Ck Coaster.
Now get confortable on your couch and press play to go straight to the Phillipines!”


“We are a group of friends from Argentina. We skate and snowboard but wakeboarding caught us several years ago and particularly winching that allows us to combine all these sports and ride the way we feel and where we want. Being creative and original, we want to share throught this accoutn our point of view of the sport.” 

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