Austin Keen and Diplo | Celebrity Surf Series


Austin Keen and Diplo | Celebrity Surf Series

Austin Keen and Diplo | Celebrity Surf Series Ep 1

Celebrity Surf Series Ep 1:

World Renowned DJ, Songwriter, and Record Producer Thomas Wesley Pentz AKA Diplo is one heck of a Wakesurfer and every now and then enjoys a Fortnite match with Michelle Obama . Check out Diplo / Producer of Major Lazer shred it up with us on this episode of Celebrity Surf Series!


Austin Keen and Diplo

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Location Of this Video : Miami


Big Gigantic – Shooting Stars

Flamingosis – Summer Breeze Reprise




Austin Keen Youtube Channel : 

Austin Keen ‘s favorite Skimboarding wakesurfing clips …

“Since I wasn’t able to make a best of video in 2017, I decided to make it all in one for 2018. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite clips of the past couple years.

In case you guys are just tuning into my platforms, my name is Austin Keen. I was born in Savannah GA, and knew I wanted to follow my passion of riding waves and pursue my dreams of making a living through enjoying life and inspiring others. I drove my old 1975 BMW out to California when I was 17, and cross country another two times after that in the same car. After many years of dedication to my sport, I won the world championship tour in 2013, and then went on to win the world championship contest in 2016. Now, with the power of social media and YouTube, I am still on the grind and dedicated to creating cool content and sharing my love for skimboarding, travel, and riding waves of all sorts weather it be behind the boat, or in the ocean. Thanks for tuning in”!

Austin Keen.

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-Austin Keen and Diplo-

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