Austin Keen & Leah Pritchett | Wakesurfing


Austin Keen & Leah Pritchett | Wakesurfing

Austin Keen had the opportunity to share a wakesurf session with Leah Pritchett.

Check out the video of them having a good time wakesurfing !

“This week I had the privilege to not only meet, but wakesurf with Top Fuel Drag Racer Leah Pritchett just days before she kicks off her tour with the first drag race event of the year. Leah recently set a record time on the track, and then set a record of the first female to attempt the bungee wakesurf stunt while with us! We had an awesome time and I even got to take a ride in her Dodge Hellcat afterwards. Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) Leah got a speeding ticket on the way to come wakesurfing, so go check out her channels and give her some love @leahpritchett_tf on Instagram and find more of her content at

Austin Keen & Leah Pritchett

Austin Keen and Poopies hit the wake lume cube style on #unleashedwakemag

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