Better | WAXTHAT Winch Tour


Better | WAXTHAT Winch Tour

1 year of preparation for the Waxthat Winch Tour, 2 intense weeks of winching with the team across the Netherlands.
With Antoine Allaux, Lior Sofer, Mik Nieuwenhoff and Dirk van Esser.

“Enjoy the Behind the Scenes tape with unseen winch pleasure and street wildness!”

From WAX THAT on Vimeo.


from WAX THAT on Vimeo.

“Better” is supported by GoPro/Response Nordic & Wild West Winches.
Special thanks to tractor driver Sam Nieuwenhoff and GV Constructions for helping us built the new winch kicker.

Produced by WAXTHAT
Filmer: Lex Dekker
Photographer: Bas Wondergem
Follow their adventure on &

Check out the release of their last year’s adventures with #unleashedwakemag



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