Bijou Shahmirian | First wakeboard session 2019


Bijou Shahmirian | First wakeboard session 2019

Bijou Shahmirian is a talented young girl ! She practices windsurf most of the time but she is good at snowboarding and wakeboarding too. Here is her first wakeboard session of 2019.

First wakeboard session

From Bijou Shahmirian on Youtube.

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Bijou Shahmirian

Hi, I am Bijou and I love watersports like Windsurfing, Wakeboarding and Surfing. With every hour I spend on the water I’m getting closer to finish new tricks … I was born in St.Kilda in Melbourne Australia. It was easter 2008 as i got in touch with the first sail with 6 months. To be honest, i can’t remember that day in inverloch, where my parents were windsurfing and put me on a sail the first time to feel the nice Kevlar reinforced monofim. I just know, it was relaxed lying on a 5,7 square meters sail and that it is beautiful there…

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