Blue Comes True – Castor Wake Crew X Elsium

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Blue Comes True – Castor Wake Crew X Elsium

Castor Crew based in France exploring new natural spot and built wood kick to experimented the powerfull of Elsium cable.

2016 : Blue Comes True – Castor Wake Crew from ELSIUM – Anywhere Anytime on Vimeo.

Castor Crew :

Nori Bouzy, Vincent Sudrat, Donatien Billaud, Matt Montoro, Kevin Sudrat, Clement De Prémonville, Clement Nadal, Arthur Chichi Breton are the riders of the Castor crew ! These athletes from France are known for their boundless imagination and a big level. Indeed, they have fun with whatever they find and have not finished to amaze us !
Their goal is to convey an image also shifted their name and a different way to wake.

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Elsium system : 

Automated back and forward riding : with our patented revolutionary system, it can tow back and forward by the means of a radio remote control.

Electric and disrete system : its electric and silent power supply allows continuous riding from 3 to10 hours (depending selected power pack) over a distance of max 200m (recommended). You can also adjust speed from 5 up to 50 km/h.

Light and extremely compact system : the Extremely compact system fits easily into a car trunk and allows you to explore several spots in a single day

More infos on the WEBSITE
You can also read an interview of the Elsium’s managers by Unleshead HERE

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