DANIEL GRANT | “Grom Sessions” by Andy Kolb

DANIEL GRANT Grom Sessions teaser

DANIEL GRANT | “Grom Sessions” by Andy Kolb

The 2017’s TAO GROM SESSIONS by Daniel Grant is now available !

Edited by Andy Kolb

He was traveling many cablepark around the world to find the ultimate park rippers.

The confirmed Cable Parks supporting this project are :
Terminus Wakepark – Atlana, GA – 26-28th Aprl
Wake Island – Sacramento, CA – 4-5th May
Poule Wakepark – France 30th May
Star Wakepark – Italy 31st May / 1st June
Hannams Wake Hub – UK – 4-6th July
Thai Wakepark – Thailand – Date to be confirmed.

The main focus is to have rippers aged between 8-12 being part of the final part that should be share in August.


“The idea of me wanting to connect with different upcoming riders from around the world. I wanted not only to see how everyone is riding, but just have fun at their local cables, and try to get the best of it into an edit.

I am sure you will also agree that Andy Kolb done an amazing job, putting all of my clips together.

Thanks to everyone who helped out, starting with Rip Curl and Spy, also product sponsors, GoPro, SP Gadgets & Razer.

Thank you also to the 7 cable parks that supported the idea and brought their local GROMS to the cable and to all those at the cable parks, helping me film and just being there to support.

I hope you can see from the edit, how much fun we had at every stop, and that’s what I wanted to create. The most important thing was for everyone to have as much stoke as possible on the water!”



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