Daniel On KIMTV at CWC


Daniel On KIMTV at CWC

Daniel on KIMTV ,   Tao 10 years riding …

Daniel Grant Said : Filmed during the same time as the last edit, but Filmed by KIM YONG IL Kim is a cwc legend has such a unique riding style, seeing him ride back at CWC was so smooth and he was pushing rail riding before it was even a thing, I’m sure he inspired many others who were there! Thank You Kim for helping me ride the way I do, filming me whenever we get the chance to hangout and for all the good memories !


Dany G On KIMTV  (10 Years of TAO)

Edit By Kim Young Il


Check out Daniel Grant video on Unleashed !

On the words of Daniel Grant :

The past 10 years have been absolutely Surreal,like looking back to when i’d fly to over 30 contests a year i’d literally be non Stop. I’ve met some really amazing people from all over the world, it’s really been the best 10 years of my Life, i can’t thank everyone and the sport enough for the opportunity and support to express myself on the water .

It’s been a decade full of experiences , learning, laughing, crying, screaming, it’s been one hell of a ride

More About Kim Yong Il and CWC

Kim is a real mystery Guy when we meet him first time  in the Philippines  at CWC wakepark it was in 2010 during an UNLEASHED WAKE trip there to film and shoot some french and international riders . We saw the most stylish guy of the park , and we didn’t know him before  , we just saw  this guy landed some insane tricks like nobody Before …

After a bunch time with him he tell us his own history , explain how  he start Pro Snowboarder  career in South Corea  and become a Snowboard legend there in a few year jumping and Landing tricks bigger and smarter than the others guys  , now we understand from where become this insane style in Wakeboarding …

Kim decide to leave his snowboard carrier and Become a Wake instructor at CWC , “the place to be” during few years  . He spend all his winter time there teaching people and help to grow the sports in the Philippines .

He train locals riders to become the future Philippinos Stars of Wakeboarding and help them to get a better life with the sport .

After , during summer , Kim come back to south corea , where he manage now a  wake board school There

Be free to contact Kim if you have plan to go to South-corea

His facebook page HERE 

More info : Waketao.com

Daniel on KIMTV ,   Tao 10 years riding ...
Daniel on KIMTV ,   Tao 10 years riding ...

Daniel on KIMTV at CWC wakepark in the Philippines ... 10 Years ago Daniel made some laps with KIM Yong Il in Double , check what's happened !

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