Dave Av | Liam Peacock at 313 Cablepark


Dave Av | Liam Peacock at 313 Cablepark

Dave Av is back with his drone at 313 cable park where he found the Peacock brothers. They were skating and he proposed to film Liam while wakeboarding. Who would say no ?

The video

So here we go with some Liam’s runs at 313 Cablepark and a big announcement for Dave. Notice : Dominik Guehrs makes a surprise cameo, find out when !

Check out Dave’s drone wake highlights of 2019 on Unleashed.

313 Cable Park

We often host various camps, but that does not interfere with our daily routine. It means you can hop in every single day unless there’s a serious competition going on. We’ll make sure to inform everyone beforehand, and you’re still welcome to watch the show.

In the park :

  •  Briusly bar and terrace with a view to the park;
  • Children playground and trampolines;
  • Outdoor gym;
  • Tennis, badminton and beach tennis courts;
  • Massage parlour;
  •  Skateboard ramp.



-liam peacock dave av-
-liam peacock dave av-

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