Down Under open setup

down under

Down Under open setup

Discover the Down Under set up in a course preview by Tom Franke !

from the art of movies on Vimeo.

Down Under open setup

The Cable Park Down Under in Nieuwegein

The big cable
The main road has a large cable line with a length of 720 meters hovering 10 meters above the south lake. From the starting point, the cable pulls you counterclockwise around the entire pond. There are eight lines (carriers) so that there is an optimal rotation!

The small lane
The first Sesitec 2.0 of the Benelux system running ! This new cable system is installed on the small track. It offers both beginners and pros the opportunity to train and practice their skills.

The park has very modern and state of the art features that provide challenge of each level riders. All obstacles are from Cable Park Unit Park Tech, the market leader in the field of cable parks : 2 kickers, 1 rail, 1 transfer and some others.

More infos on the website

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