The End by Garrett Lockrem


The End by Garrett Lockrem

While the less courageous take advantage of winter for Netflix and Chill, the envy to ride is stronger for others, who, in spite of the cold weather, are getting into the water as Mike Cardoza, Garrett Lockrem and Darren Holsey.

The End on Vimeo.

Edit: Garrett Lockrem

Song: Black Out Days (Future Islands Mix) – Phantogram

More about Active Water Sports

“Fall on the Willamette River is an amazing time. As the water drops in temperature, so do the number of boats. Most boaters throw in the towel, winterize their boats, and reminisce on the past three months; but for us diehards it’s the best time of the season. We zip up our suits, blast the heaters, and keep charging until we cant feel our fingers and toes. Here’s a collection of shots of some of the Active Water Sports Team ripping up the Willy from the past fall.”

The End by Garrett Lockrem


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