Formats Film 2018 Trailer


Formats Film 2018 Trailer

5 riders, 1 year of shooting, over 3 continents, boat, cable and winch sessions for Formats Film 2018. Discover today the trailer of a video signed Taylor Hanley.

Follow Raphael Derome, Guenther Oka, Felix Georgii, Nicholas Dorsey and Dylan Miller through crazy sessions !

From Formats Films

Check out Guenther Oka VS Daniel Grant during the PP World Series on #unleashedwakemag

Formats Film 2018 Trailer

“With a desire to produce a full length wakeboard film that the core rider can appreciate while the general public can admire cinematically. The concept for ‘formats’ is to incorporate modern technology with classic ingenuity and film composition, creating a timeless movie. The video will feature some of the worlds most unique and talents riders in every aspect of wakeboarding. Filmed in over a year’s time across three continents, the project will incorporate several different film mediums that correlate to each of the riders highly anticipated sections. “Formats” features progressive boat and cable riding along side of the most extensive, creative, and technical winch section’s to date.”

Director, Editor & Colorist: Taylor Hanley

Principal Cinematography: Taylor Hanley & Aaron Rathy

Produced By: Malibu Boats, O’Neill, SBC Wake, Liquid Force, Konex Wake Parks, Sandbox Helmets

Song: Time by Ty Segall & White Fence

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