Frontmobe 7 by Liam Rundholz at SKI RIXEN

Liam Rundholz

Frontmobe 7 by Liam Rundholz at SKI RIXEN

Frontmobe 7 by Liam Rundholz

“What really makes me really happy is the feeling of landing a new trick after you stepped out of your comfort zone.”

More About Liam Rundholz

My name is Liam Rundholz, 17 years old and from Germany.

What is the reason you committed your life to wake boarding?
I can’t put in different words other than I just love the feeling of it, and I do so since the first time I started in 2010. I love the atmosphere around the wake park and to just have a good time with your friends on and off the water. Also I love how you can be creative in your own way, and there are no rules on how or what you do,this freedom gives me the opportunity to express myself in my wakeboarding.

What is your biggest achievement in your sport?
If I would have to name one specific achievement it would be the invitation to the cable wakeboard World Cup 2015 in Shanghai, and making it to the finals as youngest rider ending up on the 5th spot which I never expected before going into this competition. But what really makes me really happy is the feeling of landing a new trick after you stepped out of your comfort zone. There is really no comparison to that. Besides that I think all the different places in the world I got to see and friends I made along the journey is one of the biggest achievement and gift.

What are you doing to push yourself everyday?
In order for me to be able to push myself to the limits every time I go out there and ride, I go to the gym a lot to keep my body strong enough to be able to put up with all the hard landings and falls it takes in the process. Besides that I listen to music and watch other wakeboard videos to keep me motivated and I try to wakeboard together with other riders and friends as much as possible, because I think that this is the most effective and fun way to push yourself and others to the limits.

What’s your vision on what direction the sport should go?
I like the direction wakeboarding is going to right now, with more emphasis on the style of tricks and more effort being put into videos. I hope people won’t forget one of the main reasons why we wakeboard, for fun! Many riders have shown that there are no limits to wakeboarding by landing new tricks, finding crazier spots to do them, and pushing every aspect of wakeboarding air tricks, rails, kickers, or boat. I hope this will continue and that wakeboarding as a sport is going to keep on growing.

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