Future Talks with Louis Floyd


Future Talks with Louis Floyd

Future Talks with Louis Floyd / Pictures by Jon Shrimpton

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hey, I’m Louis Floyd, 26yrs old, born in the UK and currently living in Orlando, FL. I ride for Slingshot and Ride Engine.

Why Orlando?

For me, the sun is always shining and I pretty much get to live in shorts for the whole year. Don’t get me wrong, I love England as it will always be home but there’s more things to do in the US.

So people are talking and saying that you’ve given up wakeboarding. Is that true?

No I haven’t, I know it may look that way with my Social Media but I still strap in a few times a week. I’ve just got the bug for Foiling right now.

Foiling! Tell us a little.

So I’m lucky enough to be riding for one of the Leading brands in the Foiling market right now, Slingshot Sports. Foiling consists of a wake surf style board that is attached to a Hydrofoil. A hydrofoil is made up of a front wing, back wing and shaft which glides through the water.

You seemed to pick it up fairly quick?

Yeah I guess. My dad, when I was younger, brought home an air chair which he spent a lot of time on with his buddies and when I was finished wakeboarding, I would strap in and cruise on the air chair. So going from a seated hydrofoil to a standing hydrofoil was pretty easy for me.

How often do you get out and ride?

As much as I can! \When the family is in town I drag someone out every day and when it’s just me here I get out with Dylan Miller in Clermont a bit and ride cable as much as possible.

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Future Talks with Louis Floyd

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