Gorillan N’ Chillin’ // Clark Davis

Clark Davis

Gorillan N’ Chillin’ // Clark Davis

Gorillan N’ Chillin’ is a sick video of the season of the friendly American rider, Clark Davis, is wakeboarding with all his crazy personality and style.

He worked to show you new skills, as much on wakeboard, wakeskate, wakesurf or skateboard and snowboard.

Now the question is : how can he do all that?
We bet on the talent but also a lot of practice and passion for riding.

He was in many spots like Jibtopia Wakepark or Valdosta Wake Compound.

As he put it :
“Before watching requirements: Head bang to full Sabbath album cranked up to 11, chug beer, break something glass, full screen it, HD it, enjoy, repeat.”

Gorillan N’ Chillin’ from Clark Davis on Vimeo.

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