Groove Vest | Embedded waterproof speakers

Groove Vest | Embedded waterproof speakers

High performance wireless speakers on the boat aren’t powerful enough to be heard while enjoying watersports like wakeboarding, water skiing, kiteboarding, or jet skiing. Waterproof headphones only add additional problems, like getting tangled or falling to the bottom of the lake. Here is the world’s first Impact Vest with embedded waterproof speakers : the Groove Vest.

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Groove Watersports

Groove Watersports was founded by Gus Gehlen, Drew Bartek & Miles Ukaoma in 2015, and operates remotely from OR, TX, NC, MN, NE – and even the UK. The Groove team are serial entrepreneurs, having helmed music ventures, non-profits, and even lawn care companies. With Groove Watersports, they’ve designed patented next-generation wearable technology to bring music to watersports. Their first product is the patented Groove Vest that solves problems faced by millions of watersport participants around the world.

For Wake

Whether you’re Wakeboarding, Wakeskating, or Wakesurfing, boardsports has always been about creative movement. Use your music to get in the zone. The Groove Vest allows you to get in control of your music on every session. Whether you are at the park, behind the boat or waiting on the dock, adjust the volume, skip songs, and ride to your music every moment.



Integration: No fumbling with external bluetooth speakers out on the water. You ARE the speaker in a Groove Vest.

Internal storage: No phone? No problem. Each Groove Vest has 8GB storage – enough for 1000 songs. You no longer need to carry your phone on the water.

Control: Music controls are easily accessible on the breast of each vest.

Long-lasting battery: A fully charged Groove Vest has enough juice for 8 hours of continuous tunes at max volume.

Waterproof: Groove Vest is certified IP68 Waterproof, an industry best. Ultrasonic welding forms a hermetic seal, keeping water out.

Crash-Proof: Even if you take a tumble, your speakers will keep pumping. Groove Vest was awarded a patent for garments with integrated speakers for our performance tech.

Affordable: Compare our Kickstarter tier pricing to other, non-speakerfied impact vests on the market.

Stress-tested: These vests have been put through the ringer.

Volume: Even while jet skiing at 50mph, Groove Vest produces clear audio. Wakeboarders, Water Skiers, and Kiteboarders can listen to music at 70% volume for a nice loud sound.


Questions ?

How does the Groove Vest work?

Upload your MP3 files directly to your vest. There is 8GB of internal storage so your vest can hold 1,000+ songs. The music control panel is located on the front of your vest so you can skip through songs and change the volume at any time.

What are the different functions of the controls?

  • Power button to turn on/off.
  • Plus and Minus buttons can be pressed to turn the volume up or tapped to switch to the next song or go back.
  • Play/Pause button can be pressed to pause your music.

How do I know when the battery is low?

There is an LED light that starts off green on a full charge and moves from yellow to red as the battery declines. Red means you need to charge your vest (3 hours charge for 8hrs playback)

How do I charge the vest?

Each vest comes with a Micro USB charging cable. The charging port is located under the button flap next to your control buttons.

Is the vest loud enough to hear behind the boat or on a jetski?

Yes, the speakers sit a few inches from your ear, so your music can be heard loud and clear. Most product testers enjoyed their music at 70% maximum volume capacity.

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