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Haraedit CTRL Finland

Haraedit | CTRL Finland

A veteran aged Finnish rider Harri “Hara” Huikuri from CTRL Finland, acting like a kid at Ukkohalla Wake Park, Laguuni and his backyard cable park Lammikko.

Haraedit from CTRL Finland on Vimeo.

CTRL Finland


Five long years ago, three guys had a vision. Bret Hagen, Keith Lidberg, and John Geisler set about the creation of the first cable specific wakeboard brand. We have come a long way since then and grown leaps and bounds now also in boat as
From the beginning every shape we have produced here at CTRL has been built on a motto of achieving higher standards. We have created and developed many of the emerging technologies you see today. From board inception to final design, we have worked tirelessly with our core team comprised of Keith Lidberg, Lior Sofer, Matty Hasler, Dominik Guhrs,and the lovely, Angel ika Schriber.We have always done things our way and not conformed to the limitations that were once faced here in the wakeboard industry .Each and every board we have designed to date has been shaped to the exacting specifications of our team who continues to deliver on that dedication and perfection we constantly strive towards. From Plug in Fins, Obstacle Lift Fins, Top Seam Rails, ABS Caps,Wood and Foam Blended constructions before they were popular, full wood cores, and now to our collabo­ration with Landmarked artist Krush on this years street art themed Supremes.
We are CTRL.”


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