HEYDAY WT-1 — Tested and Approved By UNLEASHED WAKE MAG

Heyday WT-1

HEYDAY WT-1 — Tested and Approved By UNLEASHED WAKE MAG

Unleashed was present for the first test in Europe of WT-1  (Heyday Inboards).

Harold Theys one of our International team riders, was trying out the boat in Lyon, France during the weekend. He was thrilled by the boat and the wake. He couldn’t believe how good the wake was, how smooth the ramp was and that it had such a good kick at the top giving him lots of height on tricks.

HAroldThe center console concept makes it great for the driver to see both sides and gives a better balanced boat for wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

At first look you’ll see that this boat is not classic. The lines and proportions are totally atypical. The hull is designed so the boat does not need wake shaping devices. These often go wrong and cause time on the water to be reduced. Instead the hull design does all the work. This boat is designed for millennial’s that don’t want to put 100,000 Euros into a boat. The young can afford this boat and it’s going to get people back on the water. The boat is designed for the “riders” who want to train every day, whether for competition or just family fun with friends.


The WT-1 is the first boat in an involving line. It’s a small boat with a large boat pull, it gives you the same wake as you would get in your 20 foot boats for wakeboard and wakesurf. The interior space has been maximized for optimum use. The WT-1 has seating capacity for nine people and  it has back rests that go in several different locations so you can sit facing forwards or lounge looking towards the rider and it’s really comfortable.

EngineThe engine is a 5.7 liter by PCM standard. Options include ballast, pull up cleats, 32” wetsound sound bar, a folding wakeboard tower, textured flooring, courtesy lights, speed control, lockable storage, ski tow eye, further upgrade options include dash upgrade which includes sony tablet, ram mount, and engine data puk, digital depth finder LED light package, swivel board racks, Zero Off speed control.

(What is that word??? – puk)

One of the cool options is an app that downloads to an android based tablet. With this app it gives you all your data readings from your engine so you can see what your speed is, your RPM, and your fuel. With this app it allows you to connect to your sound bar and play your music from your iphones, ipads, etc.

DriveThis boat is ideal for new boat owners, whether a 16 year old or a new family just trying to get on the water for the first time. When the boat was designed it was meant to be a great wakeboard/wakesurf boat. When the ballast is empty it handles so well in the turns and in rough water. It sits up high out of the water so it’s not constantly splashing you with over spray. The boat is also offered in a coastal edition for those friends and families that want to get away to the sunny coast. The vision of HeyDay is to bring a product to the people that want to be behind a great boat, at a realistic price. Get out there and try one soon.

BackStandard features

Crusader 5.7 hp engine
Folding wakeboard tower
32” wetsounds sounds bar
Textured flooring
Speed control
Ballast system
Led courtesy light
Lockable storage
Pop up cleats
Ski tow eye
Transitional seating

Approximate dry weight 3150 lbs
Overall length including platform 19.0 foot
Beam 96”
Capacity 9 persons
Fuel capacity 35 gallons
Ballast 1600 lbs

More information: heydayinboards.com

Tested By Harold Theys, Text by Stephan Theys

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