“Hot, Fresh ‘N Roasted Nuts” Tour-Jibtopia


“Hot, Fresh ‘N Roasted Nuts” Tour-Jibtopia

Jibtopia Wake Park meant the start of a 9 day van trip for the STZ team. Team riders Wes Jacobsen, Quinn Silvernale, and Cole Vanthof threw all down weekend long, along with friends Blake Bishop, Justin Lee, Alex Hamrick, Wes Hubert and Joey.

“Hot, Fresh ‘N Roasted Nuts” Tour-Jibtopia from Dirtbag Productions on Vimeo.

Team skaters Jake Miller and Alejandro Depass also shredded up the mini pipe and street spots, keeping the stoke high. Big thanks to the crew for having us out.
Stay tuned for part 2 as the STZ van heads south to Valdosta Wake Compound for the next stop of the “Hot, Fresh ‘N Roasted Nuts Tour”
Song: The Grizzlied Mighty-“Chantael”
Edit:Dirtbag Productions

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