Imperii Fratrum | by Jacob Vinall

imperii fratrum jacob vinall

Imperii Fratrum | by Jacob Vinall

“Brotherhood, its what keeps us going, pushing each other further and further. It’s about working together to create something great and thats exactly what happened on this trip. Imperii Fratrum, a film about life and sticking together to make magic happen to form an unforgettable brotherhood.” – Jacob Vinall.

Imperii Fratrum the last Jacob Vinall’s film is now available !

Follow your favorite riders James Windsor, Daniel Grant, Dom Hernler, Yannik Patón and others in front of Jacob’s lens.

Maybe you gonna recognise few European’s parks

Imperii Fratrum – The Film

Filmed by – Jacob, James Windsor, Daniel Grant, Hector Cash, Yannik Patón

Logo by – Rance Barnett

Imperii Fratrum
by Jacob Vinall

Check out Jacob’s video from the start of the year :
UNPLANNED AMERICA on #unleashedwakemag 

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