The Inframundo Project | Red Bull

The Inframundo Project Red Bull

The Inframundo Project | Red Bull

Beautiful images and sensations with the rider Larisa Morales riding in the Mexican Cenotes filmed by the Red Bull Photographer, Mauricio Ramos.

“The cenotes are an exclusive geological environment found in the Yucatán Peninsula, located in Southeast México in a region known as Riviera Maya. The Mayans considered the cenotes a sacred place, the gate toward a new dimension after death. They called them the “Inframundo” or Underworld (aka “Xibalba” in Mayan). Red Bull Photographer Mauricio Ramos followed wakeboard athlete Larisa Morales into some of these unique Mexican cenotes and came back with a magical set of images of this fascinating underworld.”

Photographer: Mauricio Ramos
Athlete: Larissa Morales
Production: Air Screw Film

The Inframundo Project by Red Bull

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