INSIGHT | Graeme Burress | The Past


INSIGHT | Graeme Burress | The Past

Hyperlite’s INSIGHT Series 2019 dives into the Graeme Burress story which began long before he ever strapped on a Wakeboard.

The Past

A Skater at his core, Graeme figured he could go bigger with less risk when a cable park opened in Cincinnati in 2009. He had a meteoric rise in the sport from the onset, nobody rides a wakeboard like Graeme. Hyperlite signed Graeme to our Cable Team in 2013 after watching him for a day at BSR. In 2014 he was voted “Rail Rider of the Year” at Hyperlite industry’s Wake Awards and followed that up with a win at the Jamboree in 2015 at Shredtown.

During this time Graeme picked up other sponsors like Rockstar, CWC & Republic, his dream was coming to fruition. All of his hard work and skills on the board were beginning to pay off. Graeme’s true influence in the sport came through his video edits, where everyone was able to see the level of his riding, the power and his style. But, in 2015 it all began to unravel and as quickly as Graeme rose to the top, he practically lost it all. This episode, The Past, sets up one of our sports more tragic stories as the industry watched his struggles unfold in public view.

Check out Graeme Burress One Set at 313 Cable Park on Unleashed.

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