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James Boggia is a famous OZ rider traveling the world to pursue his passion. He spends most of his year in the Phiippines. He assists the Filipino team with their training, teaches the Filipinos new talents, and helps grow the sport in this area of the world.

Hi James, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is James Boggia. People also know me as Boggia or JP because of my Insta name @jpboggia. I’m 25 years old, born out of the UK, but spent half my life within Australia.

When did you start Wakeboarding and Why ?
I started Wakeboarding just over a decade ago. I lived on a boat while living in Hong Kong in my early years and had always been attracted to any kind of watersports. After moving to Australia my Dad decided to take me to Bli Bli cable on the Sunshine Coast Australia. As soon as I saw it I never wanted to do anything else. Love at first sight I guess you could say haha.

Where is your Home Spot?
Bli Bli was my first home cable and my riding there was getting the attention of other riders such as Scotty Green, Daniel Pyne, Justin Abbott and the other top riders from Bli Bli. While always moving and searching for new experiences Cairns cable was my second home riding with Busty Dunn and Sam Gunn. I then moved to CWC to work as the head coach for two years and rode with all the main boys on the circuit. I have loved every cable I have been welcomed to and I guess they are all my home.

Can you tell us more about your 2017 season, any plans ?
I have just released my latest edit from CWC “RAW” from my stay there. I’m currently on a fitness course at the best gym in Asia“Unit 27 Phuket Thailand”. Getting my body ready to take some hard hits and crashes for my up and coming edit in USA filming with JB Oneill next month. After that I’ll be going back to CWC to train and compete in the 2017 WWA worlds then make another new edit on their sick new rails they have installed. That will nearly bring me to the end of 2017. Already planning for 2018.

What is the best event you dream to be a part of?
I really would like to try LAO, FISE and Plastic Playgrounds since I have only ridden in World titles and LF rail jams. The obstacle lines at all the events lately are looking like so much fun with so many lines to choose from, any would be a pleasure to go to. I guess the one that stands out and would make me feel like I’ve achieved a bit of my dream would be the Shredtown Jamboree. Each year I always look at it and would love to take part. Stuff can really go wrong if you mess up in anyway and that scary factor always attracts me. The Valdosta Yardsale looked dope as well. Getting invited to an invitational event would definitely be high on my list.

Do you have any plans to compete this year & what is your schedule for this year?
WWA Worlds will be next at CWC at the end of September. I am planning in 2018 to get to LAO, FISE and Plastic Playground. I’ll be working my ass off with riding and fitness to try get better each day and hopefully more opportunities will come up so I can add them in to my 2018 season.

In your opinion is wakeborading a lifestyle, a sport, or both?
It’s definitely both for me. I love rocking up to a cable to ride with my mates and have fun but since I’ve started taking it more serious I love trying to have a structure and goals with each set. If it’s to work on a new trick or put all my main tricks in a line to get more consistent. I always go out with a goal  in mind and try my hardest to achieve that goal.

Wall Ride JAMES BOGGIA credit Chris Hopf
Chris Hopf

Where is your favorite place to live ?
I’ve always loved Asia to be honest. I lived in Hong Kong for seven years as a young one and I guess that has stuck with me. I love the CWC scene, meeting all the new people and of course riding the best park in the world. I also like spending time in Phuket for the fitness and diet side of riding on the off season.

You told us that you were going to leave the Philippines for a while. Can you tell us more about that?
I have already left the Philippines so I can get my fitness to its peak. So I will be stronger than I’ve ever been. I am trying to make sure I have less chance of injury which is a common hazard of riding. I’ll definitely be going back to ride there for a chunk of time each year but I have other filming goals and events I would like to explore like I have stated before.

Do you prefer riding boat, cable or both?
I’ve tried boat and what some of the guys can do behind boat is sick. I prefer riding cable for the fact you can change your line up each lap with hitting obstacles rather than just wake to wake. I guess it’s just like some people like street, and some people like pipe riding. Two different sides but both make wakeboarding what it is today.

What is your best memory as a coach?
I have so many to be honest. It’s weird I get the same feeling seeing one of my students land a trick they have been getting punished on as I do when I land something for the first time. Knowing my input and knowledge has helped someone land a new trick is a great feeling. I just like sharing my knowledge to get results for others just like I do myself. I want to see wakeboarding grow more and more each year and I feel that’s how I can do my part for the next generation.

What is your best memory as a Pro-rider?
My best memory is probably winning my first Pro event in one of the rail jam events in Oz. Getting put in a heat with someone I look up to or I think rides super sick and then coming out on top is always a great feeling.

What is your feeling about sponsorships in 2017?
Firstly I’m really grateful to my current sponsors EVL NUTRITION, UNIT-27 and PODMX. I’m chasing a board brand at the moment and any wakeboarding related products as I really feel I can offer something quite attractive to companies that support me. Hopefully my edits this year will make people go “wow” and convince the to have a spot for me on their team. I am really focusing on becoming a complete athlete. I have always been very loyal to my sponsors and hope that my riding and my character will open some doors.

What is your funniest wakeboarding memory?
There is always something funny happening each day riding and even more so at events. Dice for dares is always a good one at events and some funny things have come out of that on each roll of the dice.

Tail Grab Kicker james boggia credit Chris Hopf
Chris Hopf

What’s your technique in order to not stress in contests?
I love listening to music all the time in life so I try to chuck my headphones on to just chill. The main thing for me is when one of crew who is also riding against you comes up and gives you a hug and says you will “kill it”. It is always a good feeling getting that positive vibe from your true mates before your set.

What is your scariest moment on a wakeboard?
Definitely something JB Oneill has suggested to me which was flipping rails, and making a big gap to an obstacle. That’s the stuff I love. That scared feeling inside gets me going because I never want to let it beat me. I’ll always make sure I try what’s in front of me so I don’t say, “Oh I wish I had tried that” or go home kicking myself for B*#ching out on something.

Any huge falls or injuries ?
Yeah I’ve had a few surgeries on my knee. Knocked myself out more than I can count but I guess that’s what most riders can say when you ride at this level.

What are your global plans for this season, events, coaching, other ?
My plans are to concentrate on my riding for the next couple years see where I can get to and leave coaching aside for a bit. I want to get to events, do my edits and try to push my limits and keep ticking the boxes of my goals and ultimately fulfilling my dreams.

Thanks for your time James, any shout outs?
Yeah massive thank you to my current sponsors: Unit27, EVL Sports Supplement’s and PODMX kneebraces. A massive thank you to all the guys who pushed me in riding last year: Chris Hopf, William Klang, JB Oneill, Anna Nikstad, Ben Leclair, Lior Sofer, Jonathan Silvershatz, Cam Graham, Graeme Burress and all the others. Without you guys I wouldn’t be loving riding and had this improvement. I would also like to thank Congressman Lray Villafuerte and Gov Migz Villafuerte for giving me so many opportunities while being part of the CWC family.


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