JB ONEILL is one of the most talented pro riders on the planet. He’s a boat rider, a cable rider, a videographer, traveler and a multitasker.
His last video that he produced by himself was just amazing.

Hi JB. Introduce yourself in a few words:
Texan Wakeboarder and Chipotle Mexican Restaurant lover.

When did you start wakeboarding and why?
Summer of 2004, my parents had an old SeaRay family style boat that came with a sketchy board with sandal bindings and big shark style fins. I was a full on kneeboarder, but my dad pushed me to try the wakeboard. I honestly wasn’t a fan of wakeboarding my first couple of rides, but once I rode a board with actual bindings, I was fully stoked!

Can you tell us more about your 2016 season?
My 2016 season was pretty sweet! I started off at CWC filming a video part releasing my brand switch to CWB Board Company. I also filmed for “Yeah Whatever” and two other web clips while there. I flew back home to Austin, Texas after 6 months in the Philippines. Then flew to Liquid Leisure for a week of Plastic Playground and back to Texas for the rest of the season! I really enjoyed staying home a bit more this season, I got to enjoy my favorite two parks a lot more! (Next Level Ride and BSR) I finally ended the season at Surf Expo in Orlando Florida hanging out with all my boat riding buds.


What is your favorite event you took a part in during 2016 ?
The Fright Jam at Next Level Ride! I don’t really ride many contests, but my home cable put on an awesome grassroots contest, which brought together so many great families and grom riders all the way up to pro level riders. It’s contests like this that need to grow in wakeboarding, as it really gets new riders and families more involved in our sport.

Do you have any plans to compete this year? What is on your competition agenda?
I don’t really have plans to compete as Monster has pulled out and the Triple Crown is still gone. I will compete in local contests in Texas and whatever cool ones come up.

For you is wakeboarding a lifestyle, a sport, or both?
Both obviously. A sport because us riders are always pushing ourselves to progress. A lifestyle because we all ride as friends and create great memories together.

You’ve made tons of videos, but do you prefer shooting video or photos?
Video for sure! Photos only capture one moment and I guess I really like seeing the whole trick.

Where is your favorite place to live?
Austin, Texas! We have two full size cables in Austin and two perfect lakes for boat riding. Also everyone is so friendly there and it’s just a good place to be.

What are your plans for the winter?
Right now I am actually in Thailand skipping the rest of winter riding out at International Wake Park!


Do you prefer riding boat or riding cable?
I definitely ride cable more, but I grew up riding boat. I love riding cable because all my friends can go out and ride together at the same time. And I loveriding boat because you have your own time on the water and have all your friends on the boat which is always just a fun time. I would say I like them both the same.

What is your best memory as a wakeboard pro?
Probably being the first to slide down the Royal Flush at BSR! Best day ever!

What is your funniest wakeboarding memory?
Definitely driving two hours on my scooter to BSR with Chad Worral with two wakeboards, all of our gear and two backpacks! Chad dropped his phone off the back at 80 miles per hour and it somehow survived! Probably the best road trip ever.

How do you avoid stress during competitions?
Not go…. haha but honestly I stress out everytime and end up doing all sorts of Raley based tricks on accident behind the boat.

What is your scariest moment on a wakeboard?
Actually I just did the biggest mega kicker to rail gap I have ever done a few weeks ago! You will see sometime in March maybe even in April at latest when a video I am working is released.

Any huge falls or injuries?
I’ve had a torn ACL, a broken leg, a broken foot and a couple of knockouts behind the boat. The cable is a bit slower paced and haven’t had anything crazy happen yet, but I am sure there are a few slams waiting to happen.


What are your global plans for this season, events, coaching, other?
My plans are to have a simple web edit for each month of the year, plus one banger video which I started making after Surf Expo. I may travel a bit, but mainly I’ll just be pushing out consistent video content.

Thanks for your time JB, any shout outs
Thanks to all my friends and family, y’all are the best!


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