JD Webb Ep 1 | Time Capsule


JD Webb Ep 1 | Time Capsule

JD Webb Ep 1 | Time Capsule !

JD Webb Back in a day .

JD Webb and Hyperlite have released his 5th Pro Model shape for 2020, the Source. The shaping process may be different for every athlete but the thrill and excitement when you earn your first signature wakeboard is the same. In the sport of Wakeboarding earning a pro model is close to the pinnacle, it’s like a bucket list achievement and validation that your skill and effort have been rewarded.

JD Webb

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JD describes this point in his career within our new series, The Source.

Episode one is a look back at JD’s career, his achievements and what board he was riding at the time. JD says a pro model is much more than just a shape, it’s a time capsule of the shared moments and memories made during the shaping process and the season. JD’s first pro model came back in the 2008 season when he was riding with Rob Corum, Derek Grassman, Kyle Alberts and Jeff House. Spencer Norris, Hyperlite’s Video Producer, was living for free on the couch and eating leftovers in exchange for filming the entire crew. Needless to say it was a special time for these riders and Spencer has an intimate viewpoint which makes our new series shine. JD provides a blunt assessment of his past shapes, how they helped his riding and inspired the next wakeboard design. JD has worked exclusively his Scott Bouchard on each of his pro models. Scott is well known for the many shapes and innovations he’s given to Wakeboarding. His passion matches JD’s and their combined knowledge created Hyperlite’s 2020 JD Wakeboard, the Source. Stay tuned for following segments which will dive deeper into JD’s new wakeboard and his shredding on it. JD Webb 2020 Collection



JD Webb Time Capsule …

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