Julia Rick | Heelside Backside 900


Julia Rick | Heelside Backside 900

Julia Rick will never finish impressing us.
Since almost 1 year in the Mystic team, she makes them proud by becoming the first woman ever to land a Heelside Backside 900 at International Wake Park !

Julia Rick
Heelside Backside 900

Check out the 2018 video of the Mystic team : The Wake Collective on #unleashedwakemag

“Our Team Riders represent every inch of our brand. They strive to be the best and are dedicated to the cause. But at the foundation of everything they set their sights on is fun. Play is an essential part of life, for everyone, and it’s the enjoyment part that feeds the energy and fuels the desire to overcome the challenging road to success. After all, victory belongs to the most persevering.”


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