Julia Rick is ready for the new season !

Julia Rick

Julia Rick is ready for the new season !

Julia Rick is preparing for the season and inventing a new trick in Thailand

The training trip to Thailand to prepare herself for the upcoming season 2017 was more than successful for Julia Rick. She came home not only with a lot of spectacular photo and video shots but also with a new trick in her bag: the Raley Backside 540! She is the first woman ever landing this trick and makes again history in wakeboarding, pushing the level of women’s riding. She published a video clip on her social media about her landing the new trick which was filmed with the Panasonic Lumix GH4. Only on Facebook it has already reached around 83.000 views, more than 1.000 likes and got shared 250 times!

Since the beginning of the season 2017 Julia has been working together with her new sponsor mystic Boarding. She is wearing and representing their lifestyle clothes and water wear (wetsuits, vests etc.). Mystic is happy about the new cooperation stating: “Welcome to the team Julia Rick! The multiple World Champion in Cable Wakeboarding is all about breaking boundaries with her incredible high level of riding and landing multiple tricks as the first women. Let’s push women’s wakeboarding further! Check out her teampage: http://mysticwake.com/teamriders/julia-rick.” Besides creating a profile on the international website they also produced a welcome video which has reached already around 50.000 views and more than 1.000 likes on their Facebook page.

Mystic Welcomes Julia Rick from Mysticboarding on Vimeo.

Training trip Florida, USA

In the beginning of april Julia went to Florida, USA, to train for the upcoming US-Nationals where she will be the defending champion in July. Furthermore she took part in a photo- and video shoot from her sponsor „Ronix Wake“ with her 2018 Pro Model „Julia Rick“ Board. Just in time for her travels she received the brand new photo and video camera Lumix GH5 from her sponsor „Panasonic“. It was the perfect partner for her travels and she managed to shoot a lot of high quality photos and videos. This camera makes shooting high resolution action photos easier than ever before, moreover the new slow-motion is spectacular and groundbreaking.

julia rick USA tripblank

Preparation for the European Championships and opening of a new cable park in Aqaba, Jordanien

In the end of april Julia Rick went to Aqaba, Jordanien, to practice for the upcoming European Championships this year where she will be the defending champion once again. Furthermore Julia was invited for the opening of the new cable park in the big Ayla complex (hotels, golf course etc.) (http://ayla.com.jo/). In addition she took a lot of photos and videos with her new Panasonic Lumix GH5.

JUlia Rick 2017

At the moment Julia is doing the so-called „Feldwebelanwärterlehrgang“ (training to become sergeant) of the German army in Hannover. With this she further advances in her career of the sport promotion group of the german army and educates herself further – besides doing her international Master degree in „Sport Management“ at the German Sports University of Cologne. Julia is very grateful for the ongoing support she receives of these two partners.

This year there will be a lot of important events again, below you see the expected schedule:

Upcoming Wakeboard Events 2017

20.05. LA-Open, Langenfeld
27-.28.05. IWWF World Tour Stop Zwolle, Netherlands

10.06. Tag der Bundeswehr (German Army)
29.06.-01.07. German nationals Salzgitter, Germany

13.-15.07. Plastic Playgrounds, Liquid Leisure Park, London 27.-30.07. WWA Wake Park US Nationals, USA
WWA Event Portugal 25./26.08. oder 16./17.09.

08.-10.09. Surf Expo, Orlando

World Cup Shanghai
26.-29.10. WWA World Championships CWC, Philippines

06.-19.11. EM El Gouna, Egypt

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Photo Credit Wilfried Rick, Hazem Jweinat

More about Julia Rick on #unleashedwakemag :


The amazing Julia Rick 

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