Marcy Grassy snowboard action

Marcy Grassy Snowboard

Marcy Grassy snowboard action

Marcy Grassy snowboard at 10 yo :

Marcy is an Unleashed team member wakeboard since 2016 . But Marcy is not only a good Wakeboarder he is also an insane snowboarder , just have a look to this last edit from last winter in the Alps …
“under the words of this awesome kid”:
Hello this is Marcy. I’m proud to show you my tipical snowboard day. Friends, Fun, lots of laugh and METAL MUSIC. I’m 10 years old and i love learn something new every day… Watch my edit, certainly you not get bored!If you enjoy it share! Ciaoooooo

More about Marcy Grassy

Marcy is an 10 years old Rider from Italia , he start wake boarding 2 years ago and get already a pro level enabling it to reach the podiums in his division
Native from ITALIA this young rider practice also Snowboarding during the winter time in Italia
Multiple time Italian champion in this disciplines , he want apply that during the summer time and get motivated for doing his best for reaching his goal .
He was on the podium of Multiple Italian contest this year

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