Maurizio Marassi at Wakeparadise Cablepark

wakeparadise cablepark milano

Maurizio Marassi at Wakeparadise Cablepark

Wakeparadise Cablepark Milano | Idroscalo
October Shred

Rider: Maurizio Marassi
Filmer&operator: Nicola Lanzoni
Editor: Maurizio Marassi

One lap with Maurizio Marassi from Wakeparadise Cablepark on Vimeo.

More about WakeParadise Cablepark Milano : 

You will find them in the green and pleasant context of Idroscalo Park in Milan, where since 2015 is based our Cable wakeboarding facility. It is full of offers and services for adults and children, to give you the opportunity for relaxation and adventure that give the opportunity to enjoy from a short distance from the center of Milan.

Systeme 2.0 : school system to allow anyone to approach this sport with ease and confidence. Or ideal to hone the technique and begin airtricks.

Full Size : the Rixen full size 5 poles has a 800m length and rotates counterclockwise. the park is installed since 2001, and in 2005 there was many changes and undergoes major upgrades.


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