Maxim Sitnikov | Zeach to Zeach

Zeach to Zeach Maxim Sitnikov

Maxim Sitnikov | Zeach to Zeach

Zeach to Zeach by Maxim Sitnikov

We are glad to introduce you the latest video of Maxim Sitnikov, a young amazing Russian rider, who get already a pro level and a style capable to beat riders older than him.

Now he lives in California and lives his dream surrounded wonderful cables of the like : Wake Island Watersports complex or Velocity CablePark. But for the 2016′ season he offer us an edit of his trip around some cable parks.

Zeach to Zeach from Blackboard Production on Vimeo.

At just 10 years old, he is already shining in many contests but also in many disciplines : snowboard, wakeboard as much with boat as cable, and wakeskate.

Really talented, he’s followed by Quiksilver as well as Liquid Force, since 3 years and he is part of the Unleashed Team.

maxim sitnikov

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