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History, savoir faire, innovation. Pure Slo is a combination of the three. History was made as the company became the first wakeboard and wakesurf brand to ever successfully launch with the help of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2015. Our savoir faire is applied with every gesture, as each board is handcrafted in Bois d’Amont, France – birthplace of some of the world’s finest gravity sports workmanship. Innovation means combining these rich artisanal techniques with modern aesthetics, aeronautically sound materials, and a direct-to-rider sales policy that keeps these top-of-the-line boards user-friendly & accessible. Every board that leaves the atelier is unique, numbered, personalizable and issued with a certificate of authenticity. Nicolas Dubost and Ludovic Lacroix, Pure Slo’s in-house engineer and board shaper, hand select every element, working directly with French and European manufacturers for the wood, veneers, fiber glass, carbon fiber, and resin that compose our boards. The results are long-lasting, remarkable products that ride like a dream. Pure Slo is a new brand for a new generation of riders who deserve technical excellence and timeless, crisp design.

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Our motto: Glide the Good. For us, this means knowing you have a superior board between you and the water, whether you riding cable, boat towed or wakesurfing. The experience begins each time you step foot on your French-made wakesurf, 100% French spruce alaia, or wood core & carbon fiber wakeboard. We take the time to design and carefully engineer each model
with passion and dedication. Our respect for the process has taught us that every extra hour in front of the drawing board results in another centimeter gained in pop, more comfort off the water into obstacles, and more speed and stability while slashing along your boat’s eternal wave.

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  • ur boat and par wa eboards feature a solid, springy European spruce core with a full body carbon fiber topsheet, high-density Petex basegrinds and perfect CNC sculpted channels for flex and strength in all the right spots.
  • he Boat Wa eboard is available in 135cm & 140cm and and has a pronounced central channel, which drives water down the board line, giving a quickly release off the wake into bigger aerials. A carbon fiber structure beneath the wood marquetry topsheet ensures stiffness and reactivity.
  • he ar wa eboard is a new addition to our quiver. It too combines all over carbon fiber with our signature spruce core. The profile is slim, perfect for cutting through glassy park waters and launching high- flying raleys. A durable spruce core meansbigger pop, while maintaining flex in all the right places during grinds. Available in 135cm, 140cm and 143cm.
  • he Carbon 201 is ure Slo s ta e on structural design: a wakeboard which reveals its full carbon fiber body and 100% spruce core. The ride is fast and strong, just like its looks. Available in park and boat editions.
  • ur wa esurf Short is based around an ultralight Airex core wrapped in carbon fiber and sealed with epoxy resin for ultra- responsive agility and brilliant speed. Surf quality with a longer lifespan! The 2016 edition includes an FCS II fin box and upgraded traction.
  • he ure Slo Alaia is a modern ta e on the legendary Hawaiian surfboard, adapted with modern curves and a slim profile, it is the soul surfer’s match made in wooden heaven.
    100% French spruce body, selective resin applied.
  • Custom boards are a dream come true for the rider who wants a unique experience that is adapted to his style and personality. More or less flex, a more robust core, carbon detailing… The possibilities are endless.

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Pure Slo has an ongoing collaboration with the Jurassien ski shaper Ludovic Lacroix and issues new alpine skis each winter. A second collaboration with Jurassien skateboard shaper Laurent Golay resulted in a limited edition of 20 cruiser boards. All available on


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