Ollie Moore & Felix Andrade 2018


Ollie Moore & Felix Andrade 2018

Ollie Moore met his friend Felix Andrade in the United Kingdom, they visited Spot On Wake and Hannam’s Wake Hub for crazy wakeskate sessions !

Producer et director : Darius Williams

First assistant director : Dominic Martlew

Director of photography : James Tilyard

Editor : George Forgaty

Camera Operator : Jed Darlington-Roberts

Focus Puller : Beau Pritchard-James

Camera Trainees : Will Muir and Cameron Sealby

Music credits : Dave Hansen

Ollie Moore & Felix Andrade 2018

About Spot On Wake 

“At Spot On Wake will are using two 9m Sesitec System 2.0 cables. This is a two-tower straight line cable wakeboard system which has completely revolutionized the sport of wakeboarding over the last five to ten years. It is extremely easy to operate and offers incredible speed control; there is no better tool than a System 2.0 to teach people to wakeboard. They offer a continuous ride, meaning that you don’t have to drop the handle or get dunked in the water at each end of the course. The extended height towers provide incredible lift and line tension, meaning nailing those air tricks is child’s play!”


About Hannam’s Wake Hub 

“The wake park is located in farm land 15min North of Cambridge. There are a System 2.0 cable and a 5 tower Rixen, a straight line cable and a great range of UNIT obstacles, situated in a unique location within farmland in the fens. It is run by brothers Ben & Terry Hannam along with Ben’s wife Jess Hannam. Their facilities, which include toilets, changing rooms, cafe and car park.”


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