One set with Graeme Burress | 313 Cable Park


One set with Graeme Burress | 313 Cable Park

Once again Graeme Burress lays it down during his first set at 313 Cable Park in Lithuania ! Literally flew to Lithuania, got settled and went wakeboarding with the crew at 313, this is his ONE SET on his first set.

One Set on First Set

Graeme is one of the best Wakeboarders in the world on the Wake Park scene. Technically he has it all, power and style wise he’s in a class all his own and he’s a true pleasure to watch or ride with if you get the chance.

From Hyperlite Wakeboards on Vimeo.

Graeme x Hyperlite

Graeme recently relocated to Austin from Cincinnati where he’s surrounded by Texas Wake Parks and close to fellow Hyperlite Team Riders JB O’Neill, Brady Patry and Turbo. Within the next month Hyperlite will release INSIGHT Season 3 focusing on Graeme, his history and where he plans to take the sport pushing forward.

Check out Graeme Burress session at Action Wake Park on Unleashed Wake Mag.


313 Cable Park

In the park :

  • Briusly bar and terrace with a view to the park;
  • Children playground and trampolines;
  • Outdoor gym;
  • Tennis, badminton and beach tennis courts;
  • Massage parlour;
  • Skateboard ramp.



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