O’Neill Hit The Road | BEST OF

O'Neill Hit The Road BEST OF

O’Neill Hit The Road | BEST OF

For our pleasure there’s one more video from O’Neill Hit The Road, features all the bangers from the winch trip. We have already followed their adventures in 4 great episodes around German spots, now discover the Best Of their wakeboard mission !

“O’Neill’s Hit The Road wakeboard mission may have come to an end but we’ve got one final hardcore action highlight edit to share. Check out all the wall-rides, virgin hubbas, bomb drops to gnarly ledges that our crew of 6 winched and widowed as they tour-bussed across Germany. Hit the Road was killer and we saved the best until last.”

Riders: Nico von Lerchenfeld / Guenther Oka / Steffen Vollert / Carro Djupsjö / Dylan Miller / Joe Battleday

Directed/ Produced: Denny Bräuniger
Edited: Andy Kolb
Director of Photography: Lukas Tielke, peoplegrapher
2nd Unit Kamera: Lennart Koch, peoplegrapher

O’Neill Hit The Road
on #unleashedwakemag

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