Derek Brown and friends had made a big work for this amazing edit : OUTHOUSE ! The crew had made a trip around some spots for winching/boating or cablepark and gathered all the images in this film.

Now you can download the film for $5.00 on Vimeo

“Wakeboarding, plain and simple, is about having fun. We have a loooooot of fun!”



It’s kind of funny looking back on the whole journey we took to make Outhouse a reality; I mean, we never really had one of those defining moments when we even realized it was a possibility. The Canadian wake scene is pretty small, and our whole crew have grown up competing against one another, travelling together, and filming for each other for various projects. We took a trip to Valdosta Wake Compound in early April 2015 and quickly stacked up footage. Everyone killed it on that trip and I ended up just saving the footage for what I thought could be a really cool summer edit. It wasn’t until a little later I realized we had something really fun in the works.

OUTHOUSE Henshaw Area 52

When we got back to Canada we started scouting out some winch spots and filming at What Wake Park. Mickey, Dary and I found this rad little road gap out near a cranberry bog in Bala Ontario and built a sketchy kicker to clear it. Anybody who’s ever winched before knows how tough it is to get a few good clips, and also knows you really need a solid crew to make it happen. Luckily, Brennan Grange & Vince Whiteman came up to help shoot while Mickey and Dary took turns running the winch. We took a few good diggers but eventually started landing some cool stuff. Every time we went back there we got some really great shots and had so much fun just playing around trying to learn some new tricks. Again, we were just filming for the sake of filming, but it was always just about having as much fun as we could and having a couple beers haha

OUTHOUSE Valdosta Trip in April

In the end, I think the reason Outhouse finally can to fruition was that so many talented people helped out filming throughout the year. All of us either coach wakeboarding or have other full time jobs we had to work around that. I would basically get off work and head down to Bush’s Watersports Park 3 or 4 times a week to see if I could stack any clips with the Mickey & the rest of the crew. Paul Reid probably shot 80% of Robbie McMillin’s section in Muskoka when I couldn’t be there to shoot. Drew Austin was super busy working all summer but managed to stack some awesome footage with some help from Brennan Grange and Vince Whiteman crushed it filming with Erika Langman.

OUTHOUSE Langman Wall Ride

The last film trip took was to Surf Expo in Orlando. This was the first time we were all together and didn’t have to worry about working and anything other than filming and partying for a week. Andy Oke offered up a party bus that was fixed up with a couple couches and room for all our gear so we headed south. We breezed through the border and made our first stop at Jibtopia for a quick shred. Everyone took turns filming and stacking clips between beers haha.

We decided to drive throughout the night so that we could get to Orlando by the morning and check out Expo. It was pretty rad seeing all the new gear and the Alliance Beers & Premiere’s booth; especially the Coalition premiere. They definitely had a big part in inspiring me to make this movie. There are a lot of wakeboard movies out there that are such big productions and really over the top, but the Coalition was just about riding with the pals and creating something new and fun. It reminded me of the Muskoka Militia crew we all grew up watching in Canada, and with Outhouse, I just wanted to film us travelling around having fun and riding with friends, which is what I think wakeboarding should be about.

Definitely have to end this article with the biggest shout out to all the parks we got to shoot and ride at to film this movie. We couldn’t of done it without people like Kevin Henshaw at Area 52 and the boys at VWC building crazy features and letting a bunch of shit kids from Canada come play on them haha. You guys are the reason we drive 20 hours from Canada to come ride. Another big should out to all the system 2.0’s we rode at in Ontario, Andy Oke at Windmill Lake, The Boyson’s at The Ranch, Brennan Grange and his Bayou setup, Ryan Bush at Bush’s Watersports Park and Mickey at What Wake Park.


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