THe Peacock Brothers | Craziest rail ever hit


THe Peacock Brothers | Craziest rail ever hit

The Peacock Brothers, You means Crazies ! .

The Peacocks brothers  headed to ESC Wake Park in Bangkok, Thailand to try out there new park and hit this new feature that they’d heard loads about. They had the sickest time riding there and they  would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in Thailand. It’s also only 30 mins drive away from Thai Wake Park! Thanks for having us ESC and we hope you guys enjoy the vlog! Special Guest  John Dreiling  joining them, on this Edit …

The bro’s at ESW Wake park Thailand


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Follow the Peacocks bro’s adventure :

More about the Bro’s

The Peacock Brothers are two brothers from Berkshire, UK who have a passion for Wakeboarding and media production! We love to be infront of the camera whether it be riding, presenting or anything else along those lines! However, we also love to shoot videos and photos when we are not infront of the lens.

“We are two brothers from Berkshire, UK who have a passion for extreme sports, presenting and shooting videos and pictures. We decided to take a different path in life to most others our age and instead of going to uni, we chose to follow our dreams of travelling the world, doing what we love and living life to the full! Through doing this we have met and worked with so many amazing people and been to places we couldn’t ever have imagined. We have both competed in Cable Wakeboarding for Team GB for over a decade, in competitions around the World. We were having so much fun travelling and doing all of this that we decided to start filming what we got up to and post it on our YouTube channel.”

“We began to improve our videos and soon realised this was something else we enjoyed doing. We have now been lucky enough to work with many different people and brands around the World including BBC’s The One Show, TransWorld Sport and The Indestructibles on Dave. Along with our love for adrenaline and all things extreme, we also enjoy presenting and being in front of the camera. This is easy to see from our YouTube videos”.

“We produce photos and videos at a professional level for different events. We also love to present and host events so feel free to contact us below to get in touch for any other information! ”

Sports we can do include: Wakeboarding, Trampolining, Free running, Skateboarding/Skiing, Snowboarding, Biking, Cliff Jumping, Surfing, High diving, Motocross. 



The peacocks Brothers pumtrack on the water   …

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