PRE PANDEMIC | Trever Maur


PRE PANDEMIC | Trever Maur

Trever Maur  on a wakeboard act!

Pre pandemic actions, prior to this crazy time in our history Trever Maur was hitting it hard on his #Wakeboards, behind the boat, at the wake park and with his winch. “Pre Pandemic” refers to the time before the lockdowns hit the world. So for the past couple months Trever has been busy editing and putting this video together. He and his wife also welcomed their first child, Slater Maur, just a month ago and according to Trever his sleep has been intermittent at best, so it’s amazing he got this put together for our enjoyment! But the good news is now upon us, Wake Parks are opening, Trever has been hitting the Delta with his Blueprint Pro Model and there’s enough snow in the Sierras to keep Cali lakes in operation this season. It’s going to be a great summer and from what we’ve seen the lakes are packed where weather has cooperated. Let’s go #Wakeboarding!


Pre Pandemic …

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Pre pandemic Trevor Maur

Pre Pandemic with trever Maur
Pre Pandemic with trever Maur

Pre Pandemic Actions with Trevor Maur one of the member of the Hyperlite crew , freeriding on a different way the elements ....

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