Redbull Wake2el Lithuania 2018


Redbull Wake2el Lithuania 2018

Perhaps you don’t need to remind you how the level of the RedBull Wake2el was ?

High, very high for sure…

As a result why the Best Redbull riders of the whole world and some Best Guest invited for this occasion , the cream of the cream  of the whole wakeboarder  pro Women and pro Men came to Lithuania.

The last Champion titles were even two. Maryh Rougier a rising french starboard,  was the strongest female of the pro women group.

She beat even such strong athletes as Angelika Schriber and Carro Djupsjo, who were considered favorites of this contest .

Timo Kapl was the strongest man  this year’s, reaching the First Place  become a routine for this guy.

He overcame our athlete Szebasztian Szolath and the German Bene Tremmel, who remained second in a very tense stroller.

Wake2el Lithuania 2018

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