Redbull Waked2el 2017

Redbull Waked2el 2017

Redbull Waked2el 2017

Ian Curry captured the best moments cruising before and after the Redbull Waked2el at Wake Way, with some of the best riders from all around the world.

Featuring: Liam Peacock, Jason Colborne, Dominik Ghurs, Armanda Selvenis, David Vervenne, Motejius Lisauskas, Lior Sofer, Gino Wetzels, Ian Curry, Jules Charraud, Ovidijus Boiko, Wes Gumpel, Simon Pettai, and  Pedro Calvas.

from ian Curry-Lindahl on Vimeo.

Additional footage: Lukas Packauskas and Jason Colborne.

Wake Way

Located in Nemėžis, Lithuania the cable park is a Sesitec System 5 towers, 8 carriers, 600 meters, with  5 towers, 8 carriers, 10 obsticals.

Obstacle list:
Street series double kink (UNIT_parktech)
Transition rail (UNIT_parktech)
Transition curb (UNIT_parktech)
FunBox (UNIT_parktech)
2x kicker L (UNIT_parktech)
Pipe full hdpe
FlatBox full hdpe
Kicker M full hdpe
Kicker S full hdpe
Poll Jam handmade
Quarterpipe transfer next to kicker (on demand)

“No reservations. Pure Fun.”

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