Team Unleashed Maxime

Max Sitnikov

Max Sitnikov is a 10 years old Russian rider , he’s the winner of the US National contest division super groom in 2016 . Like all the rider of the Unleashed team Maxime excel in two disciplines , Cable and Boat… Follow  Liquid force  Super Groom rider since 3 years now  on his skill through his Team Rider Part

-2016 USA National Champion (Boat)

-2016 3rd Place MALIBU Rider Experience (Boat)

-2015 USA National Champion  3 rd Place (Boat)

-2015 Italian National Champion (Boat)

-2014 2nd Place World Championship (Cable)

-2014 Italian Cup Champion (Cable)

-2013 World Champion (Cable)

-2012 Russian National Champion (Cable)

Team Unleashed Maxime

The offbeat interview

How did you start wakeboarding?
My whole family is doing wakeboarding. My mom, my brother, even my little sister. We love spending time together and its great that we enjoy the same thing.

Do you do any other boardsports?
I love snowboarding and we spend all winter in the mountains. I also surf. We live near Santa Monica beach and try to surf as much as we can.

What do you like the most about wakeboarding?What do you dislike?
I love having fun with my friends and family. I love riding doubles with my little sister. And sometimes I like doing silly things on the obstacles. I don’t like when someone is pushing on me to try new tricks. I hate falling and then having to come back to the dock to start again.

Name a trick you would like to do one day?
I think I can do double backflip soon so I am working on it now.

Which do you prefer, rails or kickers?
I like both! But rails are always different at different parks so its so much fun to try them all.

If you could have a session with anyone, who would it be?
I love riding with my friends who are pro-riders like Angelica Shribber, Austin Hair, Steffen Vollert

I really like Dominik Gurtz and hope to ride with him one day.

Tell us a bit about Your Home Spots?
My hope spot is Wake Island Watersports complex in Sacramento, California and Velocity Park which is located nearby. Wake Island is super friendly and I love all the guys that hang out there. The owner Noel is absolutely cool! Park has beautiful blue water and many fun obstacles. Velocity is more advanced and has some signature features like Kaesen’s rail.

Do you always ride alone?
I love riding doubles! It always push be to ride more and better and try new stuff.

Any shout out ?
Come ride with me!!!!

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